An Action Plan To Help Our Youth

Our youth face challenges in AND out of the classroom. I’m ready to act for our students and ensure EVERY student has access to the services they need and a top quality education. Some of the actions I will take as your Trustee include:

Safe  Spaces For Our Youth; Welcoming Schools for Families

Students thrive when they are not worried about their safety in and out of the classroom. I will focus on ensuring every campus is safe, and our students and educators have counseling and support services. Families feel safe when they welcomed into their neighborhood schools. I will work with principals to encourage teachers to go out into community and meet families in their homes and talk about their hopes and dreams for their children

Housing In Crisis, Real Solutions For All

Our youth, our educators and too many families are impacted by the affordability crisis occurring in Silicon Valley. We have a unique opportunity to actualize employee housing as a way to continue to attract and retain the best in SJUSD. At the same time, if we don’t fight for more affordable housing for the families we serve, there will be fewer and fewer able to remain here. Having worked on this issue for several years now, I will continue to advocate for better housing solutions and leverage regional relationships and fight for you.

Educating Every Child, Expanding Services

SJUSD is at the crossroads of change and we still have an achievement gap to address. I am a teacher by trade having taught in the classroom for 25 years. Students are at the center of everything I do. Our youth are individuals, not numbers or data points to be crunched.  I am dedicated to ensuring every student has the services and attention they deserve.

Connecting With YOU, Accountability Matters

Our increasingly diverse student population will achieve as long as everyone works together to empower their dreams. I am committed to working for you, and will make myself available to each and every one of you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our community’s children. Let’s continue to work together to ensure their future is bright and filled with opportunities!

SJUSD Students - Diversity Personified

  • San José Unified serves more than 30,000 students in grades PreK-12.

  • Hispanic/Latino students make up the largest ethnic group at 53%; 24% of students are White; and 15% are Asian.

  • 44% of San José Unified students qualify for free and/or reduced price meals.

  • 22% of San José Unified students are English Learners.

Our students, our teachers and our families need a voice familiar with education and our community. My decades of experience as a classroom teacher provides me with a student-centered approach when dealing with district-wide issues.  In addition, my 10 years as ETA President has given me the opportunity to advocate for my colleagues and interact with the variety of community groups focused on the needs of working people. I believe this perspective is vital to have on the SJUSD School board. I was invested in the SJUSD family before I announced my candidacy, and before the prior incumbent resigned because I have been invested in education from my first day in a classroom in 1983.